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Meet Your Maker Launches April 4th, 2023


Meet Your Maker was on hand at the 2022 Game Awards to build some hype with a slew of major announcements and reveals.

Fans eager to get their hands on Behaviour Interactive’s new building-and-raiding game now have an official release date to mark their calendars: April 4th, 2023. Meet Your Maker broke the news alongside the premiere of a brand-new cinematic trailer showcasing the unique relationship between the game’s building and raiding roles. Viewers were given a taste of both Meet Your Maker’s strategic Outpost creation and intense action, as a Builder watches Raiders bravely contend with his deadly gauntlet.

Missed it? You can check it out below.

For anyone who wants to jump the line and play Meet Your Maker early, we also broke the news of our upcoming Beta Playtest on Steam. Slated for Winter 2023, with exact dates coming soon, the Beta Playtest is open to all players. There are no NDAs and every player is accepted.

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Meet Your Maker is available April 4th, 2023 on Steam, PS4/PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.